Balgunvit Taichi Academy
Balgunvit Taichi is a training school that researches on and spreads traditional taichi and daoyin & qigong of each
denomination. Having began spreading activities primarily by Jong-Gu Park the founder since 1988, this center produced many
taichi experts. Established in 1999, the center is located in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

The Balgunvit Taichi Academy aspires to provide training methods beneficial to various people through in-depth expertise and continuous research.

Enjoy Taichi in Seoul, Korea
What is Taichi ?
ㆍTaichi is a practice and study for realizing the theory of Taichi &    Yin-Yang through the body.
ㆍIt is the culmination of the Northeast Asian culture in which I-ching    (The Book of Changes), oriental medical science, the philosophy of    Laotzu, Qigong and martial arts are fused into the single principle    of Taichi & Yin-Yang
ㆍEntitled “Moving Zen," the traditional martial art Taichi is a mental    and physical training method that is practised by 2~300 million    people all over the world. The six schools of Taichi(Chen, Wu(武), Yang, Wu(吳), Sun and Hulei) are to realize the theory of Taichi and Yin-Yang based on the common technical system controlling the opponent’s strength with my small power.
The each school has its own characteristics, thus you may train yourself in accordance with your personal interest.
Effects of Taichi
ㆍAlleviates chronic diseases / Strengthens internal organs
ㆍHelps achieving emotional balance
ㆍStabilizes brainwave and enhances concentration
ㆍUnderstanding "the self" through body and mind
Aims of Taichi
陰陽和平 : Achieving peace in mind and body through the harmony of Yin and Yang
舍己從人 : Acquiring the ability to respond to and interact with any circumstance beyond one's limitations
What is Qigong?
ㆍQigong is an ancient treatment method for awakening healing power and rejuvenation through practising special movements     combined with breathing and internal energy.
ㆍAs a method for health and longevity, it has been studied and developed for thousands of years descending up to this day.
ㆍThe best method for activating body functions and vitalizing body energy
Effects of Qigong
ㆍStress relief, mental and physical relaxation
ㆍAlleviates various chronic diseases and adult diseases
ㆍPosture correction, vitalizing nternal organs
ㆍStrengthening respiratory system, improving blood circulation
ㆍVitalizing body and mind, ability to control energy
Aims of Qigong
換骨奪胎 : Achieving innate harmony in body and mind by removing negative habits
Taichi Theory
ㆍThe philosophy of Taichi & Qigong
ㆍMind, body and energy from the perspective of the Taichi
ㆍMethodology of training, etc.
Training contents
Joint training
understanding mechanisms of the body, relaxing joints and deep muscles
Yin Yang training
understanding Yin-Yang energy and its circulation
The Taichi stick
especially designed stick for stretching exercises effective in stress relief and posture correction
Sun style Taichi
easy-to-learn simple movements, learning to sense Taichi energy easier than other styles
Yang style Taichi
learning proper posture of the lower body, training 4 kinds of energy operations
Chen style Taichi
practising the flow of Yin Yang energy through spiral movements of joints
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